Skateboard areas might hit the ‘spot’

Markie Castillo, 14, does a trick out of the bowl Oct. 18 at the Hollister Skate Park. Castillo has been coming to the park almost every day for five years.

To divert skaters away from the Veterans Memorial Building and offer more places to skate, the city is moving ahead on developing “skate spots” in Hollister. They are used in other communities and are smaller versions of a skate park like the one along Memorial Drive.
Hollister council members last week broached the idea of using some of the $72,000 allocated toward a skate park expansion—the city had the former basketball courts there paved over and are moving ahead on improvements—on developing the skate spots.
City Manager Bill Avera said he had Dunne Park and Aguirre Park in mind for the first two.
He said the skate spots will serve a dual purpose, for families and skaters.
“They’ll put up benches and things of that nature that anybody can use, just knowing that when skaters are going to show up they’re going to want to skate on the benches,” Avera said.
Officials hope it deters skaters from continuing to illegally use the Veterans Memorial Building property downtown for skating activities.
Avera hopes the city might have enough with the $72,000 to do the skate park expansion and have some money left over to work on one of the skate spots.

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