County waste official Rose to retire

A Recology dump truck drops off a load of garbage at the John Smith Road Landfill.

Integrated Waste Management Director Mandy Rose is set to retire after serving in the role since August 1999.
Rose announced her retirement, effective Jan. 31, while the county board Tuesday will consider bringing her back in a part-time capacity because there are no other employees in the department. It is a two-person operation, while the other role is vacant, according to a board agenda report.
As director of Integrated Waste Management, Rose oversees landfill operations and the county refuse/recycling contract. In recent years, she has worked on the Resource Recovery Park project set to neighbor the John Smith Landfill.
County and landfill officials have been planning the project that is intended to provide business opportunities in such areas as solid waste storage, transfer, treatment, processing and other activities related to waste or recycling, according to the county’s environmental impact report. The Resource Recovery Park proposal would be located on 30 acres owned by San Benito County south of the John Smith Road Landfill.
According to 2013 salary data available on the state controller’s website, Rose made slightly more than $113,000 in wages and about $25,000 in benefits that year. In part-time capacity, she would be paid $53.13 hourly with a maximum monthly salary of $9,668.
The county board is set to meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the County Administration Building, 481 Fourth St.

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