City continues spending on park improvements

Collin Gonzales, 4, works to pull weeds in April 2014 as part of a cleanup day at Whale Park hosted by the Whale Park Neighborhood Watch Group and Hollister Police Department.

Hollister council members Monday unanimously approved spending $150,000 on repairs at Valley View Park, home of the whale water structure.
Council members heard from a neighborhood resident, Ashley Sand, who noted how the park has been a better environment since a neighborhood watch group helped curtail “illegal activity” there.
“I think it’s time to finish the improvements on the park,” she said.
The Valley View Park repairs, including fixes such as those to the whale structure and additions such as basketball courts, come after the city recently finished work at Las Brisas park as well.
Council members in December approved allocating $140,000 in park funds to three new playground structures and avoided missing the chance at a $102,000 grant from the company offering the equipment.
The council at the start of December approved a $102,359 grant from Game Time to go toward an additional city match of $140,000 for new playground equipment at Las Brisas Park, Park Hill and Jerry Game Memorial Park at the airport. The largest structure would go on Park Hill. Las Brisas Park received a new structure with a new slide. And a structure called Alpine Adventure will go up at the Jerry Gabe airport park.

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