Water Cooler: Are skate spots a good idea?

A skater does a trick at the local skate park in 2014.

Panelists answered the following questions: Do you like the idea of setting up condensed “skate spots” at various Hollister parks?
Nants Foley: Absolutely in favor of Skate Spots. I personally don’t get the thrill of skateboarding, but would be glad to get the boarders into places where they can practice their sport of choice.
Mary Zanger: Yes! Our children and our youth occupy our highest priority. I have observed the skate park on Memorial Drive to be quite occupied and enjoyed by skaters, skate boarders and bicyclists alike and all with helmets in place. Now that we know that this idea is highly successful and that more similar parks are needed, I think the sooner more are built the better it will be for our community.
Ruth Erickson: Yes, it’s about time! The youth have needed this for years. The skate park at Veterans Memorial Park is too small and too far away for many who want to use it. It’s good exercise in the fresh air and who knows? Maybe we’ll have a budding Tony Hawk to enter the X Games as a competitor to represent this county!

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