The Cooler: Support deal with new Bolado golf operator?

A group putts on the first green at Bolado Golf Club Course in December 2010, when leadership there previously warned of troubled finances.

Panelists answered the following: Do you support the fair board’s agreement on a five-year lease with an outside operator to run the Bolado Park golf course?
Ruth Erickson: Yes, giving Bolado Park Golf Course a facelift and a new name, Pinnacle Hills Golf Club, reflecting San Benito County’s famous national park, will hopefully give it new life and inform others that we have a little jewel on the way to the Pinnacles National Park. New members with new interest can bring new income for the golf course and businesses in the area. It can help increase our local economy and tourism and help to increase our county’s Highway 25 scenic and bucolic visibility.
Mary Zanger: Yes. Allow another operator to give it a trial.  Maintenance and water will be issues. The decline of the golf industry and high fees make the business difficult. With diminishing resources and climate change this industry might be the first casualty. The land might eventually revert to pasture. 
Cesar Flores: Yes! The alternative is no golf course at all. While I do not play golf, the people that do should be able to play in a familiar place.

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