Stage company announces award winners

Some of the winners are shown here.

The San Benito Stage Company hosted a 15th Anniversary  and Members’ Choice Awards show on Feb 7 at the Granada Theatre. The gala was produced by Patricia Whalen and M.C.’d by Steven Hodgkinson and Steve Hatcher. The annual event is an opportunity to recognize local and regional talent, volunteers, sponsors and supporters. The group has produced 60 separate live stage productions and is the resident company of the historic Granada. For more information about SBSC and the 2015 season, go to, Facebook or contact 831-636-0122. Below is a list of award winners.
Best Show: Les Miserables
Best Director: Dennis Beasley—Les Miserables
Best Producer: Rochelle Flosi & Kara Loupe—Les Miserables
Best Actor Adult: Matt Thorpe—Les Miserables
Best Actress Adult: Sarah Smith—Les Miserables
Best Actor Teen: Brennan Perry—The Addams Family
Best Actress Teen: Jenna Schmidt—The Addams Family
Best Actor Youth: Owen Branon—Anne of Green Gables
Best Actress Youth: Marie Miskin—Anne of Green Gables
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Barrera—Les Miserables
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hamilton – Les Miserables
Best Supporting Actor Teen: Dacoda Miracle – The Addams Family
Best Supporting Actress Teen: Shelby Shutt—The Addams Family
Best Supporting Actor Youth: Nikolas Koehn—Les Miserables
Best Supporting Actress Youth: Hana McElroy—Les Miserables
Best Actor Minor Role Adult: Cameron D. Jackson—Les Miserables
Best Actress Minor Role Adult: Matti Donovan—Les Miserables
Best Actor Minor Role Teen: Nate Everett—The Addams Family                                                   
Best Actress Minor Role Teen: Sierra Martinez—Les Miserables
Best Actor in Minor Role Youth: Derek Barnes—Anne of Green Gables
Best Actress in Minor Role Youth: Marissa Guerrero—Anne of Green Gables
Best Ensemble Actor Adult: TIE- John Rachuy—Les Miserables
PJ Arata—Les Miserables
Best Ensemble Actress Adult: TIE- Grace Cardinalli—Les Miserables
Susan Carpenter—Les Miserables
Best Ensemble Actor Teen: Matt Katterhagen—Les Miserables
Best Ensemble Actress Teen: TIE-Talyssa Cruz—Les Miserables
Emily Christensen—The Addams Family
Best Ensemble Actor Youth: Owynn Butler—Anne of Green Gables
Best Ensemble Actress Youth: TIE-Natasha Blankenship—Les Miserables; Aislinn Barnes—Les Miserables
Best Choreographer: Lara Lichten—The Addams Family
Best Vocal Director: Becky Miser & Amy Oelrich—Les Miserables
Best Music Director: Amy Oelrich & Becky Miser—Les Miserables
Best Costumes: Lois Kincaid, Toni Smith & Rachel Perry—Les Miserables
Best Props: Jill Shutt—Les Miserables
Best Set Design:  Dennis Beasley & Dan Gonzalez—Les Miserables
Best Set Artist: Tricia Harvey—Les Miserables
Best Set Construction: Dan Gonzalez, Jeff Koehn & Steve Loupe—Les Miserables
Best Stage Manager: Travis Fetters & Maggie Riordan—Les Miserables
Best Technical Crew: Hannah Scheierman, Jillian Lindner, Mike Paddy and Support Team—Les Miserables
Best Hair: Reene Martin—Les Miserables
Best Make Up: Kristy Burchard, Lara Lichten, Patricia Whalen, Sarah Smith & Kathy Alvarez—The Addams Family
2014 Non-voted Awards
Newcomer Awards:
Harvey—Andrea McDonald
Anne of Green Gables—Marissa Guerrero
Les Miserables—Jennifer Hamilton
The Addams Family—Nate Everett
Producer Awards: Harvey—Debbie Pivetti
Anne of Green Gables—Marlene Hartman
Les Miserables—Matt Morrison
The Addams Family—Jim Carrillo
Gypsy Robe: Harvey—Christian Barrera
Anne of Green Gables—Jessica Bless
Les Miserables—Tricia Harvey
The Addams Family—Abby Chase
Orchestra Awards: Anne of Green Gables—Amy Butler
Les Miserables—Masae Araki & Karl Howe
The Addams Family—Rafael Rialson & Tim Duffy
Philanthropist of the Year—Amelia Souza-Hatcher & Steven Hatcher

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