Letter: Bullet train boondoggle

Money issues have spurred debate about its future.

The deadline is Feb. 25 to submit comments to the state for its Strategic Highway Safety Plan.
If safety was our top priority for transport, why do we divert motorists and truckers tax dollars via gas and diesel taxes to insolvent, bankrupt transit?
If VTA thought motorists’ safety was a No. 1 priority, why did they refuse to finance construction of median barriers on Highway 101, while motorists were dying in head-on, cross-over accidents?
If COG though motorists’ safety was a No. 1 priority, why did they divert taxes to empty bus seat transport in SBC?
How many lives could have been saved, and injuries avoided, if VTA-COG had made safety the No. 1 priority?
This miasma of mass transit extends nationwide, e.g., we had Amtrak ($30B subsidies by 9/11/01) while airport security was non-existent when the terrorists brought down the World Trade Center towers and dive-bombed the Pentagon.
Today we could by every Caltrain rider a BMW for less than the annual subsidy that motorists and truckers send to him thanks to our insane transport policy.
With bullet train, you can multiply the subsidy by factors of 10. Yep, safety is given lip service, but in reality, judge them by how they spend our taxes and fees, not by what they say.
Joe Thompson, Gilroy

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