The Cooler: Feel safer driving near the Red Barn on 101?

Plans are moving ahead at this stretch near the Red Barn along Highway 101.

Panelists answered the following: Do you feel safer driving on U.S. 101 near the Red Barn area with the construction that is well under way there?
Ruth Erickson Yes! It’s about time. The Red Barn area has had deadly consequences for many drivers on Highway 101 for years, whether trying to turn off or onto 101, or enduring long lines of traffic during rush hours, waiting for coming traffic trying to turn. Finally, drivers have a safer route! 
Jim West No. While I’m going to miss the excitement of frustrated commuters trying to dart across southbound 101 to reach the northbound lanes—where they wait for a chance to merge directly into the fast lane and the thrill of large northbound trucks turning in front of southbound traffic onto Dunbarton Road, I’ll still have the occasional enjoyment of random cars darting on and off at Cannon and Rocks roads. Engineers may deem the improvements safer, and technically they are right. But these improvements will only encourage more people to assume that that section of 101 is a “Freeway.” It’s not. It makes it easier, but not safer.
Bill Mifsud Driving that stretch of road for 30 plus years it is 100 percent safer. The elimination of the cross traffic makes it safer. It is too bad it too so long to complete.
Mary Zanger Yes, because the directional changes slow traffic. What a relief to finally re-route this death trap to make it safe for all its connectors; San Juan Road at the Red Barn, Cole Road and the 60,000 vehicles a day travelling on U.S. 101. Redemption has been long overdue. Thanks to Obama’s Recovery Act and the voters who did not agree with “no new taxes”.  Watch your tax dollars hard at work saving your own life!
Richard Herrera I do. It seems like a better option but there are more questions to be answered.

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