Car crashes through front of Rite Aid in Hollister

The car crashed through this part of the recently remodeled store.

A car crashed into the Hollister Rite Aid just before 10 a.m. Tuesday, and one woman was pulled onto a stretcher and checked for injuries.
“As far as I know, she was basically parking,” said Hollister police Sgt. Don Pershall. “Apparently (she) mistook the accelerator for the brake type of thing.”
At least two fire engines and an ambulance responded to the store crash at 1701 Airline Highway. The car hopped the curb and crashed into the front wall of the store, shattering the window directly above it. Firemen and police officers removed the glass for two windows at the site.
Cases where drivers mistake the accelerator for the brake are not uncommon, said the sergeant.
“It’s not extremely rare,” Pershall said. “It happens more often then we’d like to see.”
The woman was “complaining of chest pains” and first responders considered sending her to the Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital as a “precautionary” measure, said the sergeant. Paramedics on scene did not take her to the hospital, Pershall confirmed later in the day.

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