Letter: Toll road is bad policy

This report about the bankruptcy of the Indiana toll road tells us just how bankrupt the VTA-COG toll road plan is, what a bad decision it would be if local elected leaders are foolish enough to try it, and what bad public policy it would be for this and future generations. The bad public policy of taxing people out of their cars, which transit advocates are Hell bent on, would take us on the Road to Serfdom. Instead of steering us into government transport, our local leaders should learn from history and recognize the superior transport for us that self-sufficient motorists and truckers represent. Gas/diesel taxes paid by motorists must be kept for highway uses, not diverted to transit subsidies for government transit systems’ riders. If transit riders need more money to fund transit systems, then they should pay higher fares, not require motorists and truckers to pay higher taxes so local leaders can divert more of our money to pay for their bankruptcy-from-conception transit fiascoes. Why can’t we learn from history?
Joe Thompson, Gilroy

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