Crews halt fire before it spreads from carport

Carport fire

A fire Thursday afternoon destroyed a carport outside an apartment building, but crews stopped it before the blaze did much further damage.
One firefighter was injured in the incident but it appeared minor in nature, the fire chief said.
The fire was reported at about 2:20 p.m. Thursday near Westside Boulevard and Del Rio Drive, in the Lado Del Rio Apartments near R.O. Hardin Elementary School.
Hollister firefighters put out flames along a fence and vegetation to stop the blaze from spreading to the neighboring house, said Interim Fire Chief Bill Garringer. By containing the fire to the car port and some neighboring vegetation, crews also stopped the fire from spreading into the two-story apartment building itself.
Garringer said witnesses reported to police that someone may have spilled gasoline in the car port. With water and foam from the fire, though, there wouldn’t be any evidence left of gas, he said.
As for the injured firefighter, Garringer said it was an elbow injury. The chief said ambulance responders checked out the firefighter, who may get X-rays.

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