Cooler: Restrict bikers in the Mission City?

Tim Dawes, California District Retail Manager for Indian Motorcycles, puts back a Chief Vintage after a test ride at Hollister Powersports during the Hollister Motorcycle Rally July 5. They offered free test rides of Indian Motorcycles Friday and Saturday

Ann Ross: The question of whether we should establish a Motorcycle Noise Ordinance should be viewed strictly from a financial or cost-benefit evaluation. Is the lost sales tax income to the county worth it to impose noise ordinances, which will reduce the number of bikers coming into the county? If imposed, bikers will eventually go elsewhere. Period. The Harley-Davidson Forum ( keeps a close eye on counties that levy fines to keep the noise down. 
Bill Mifsud: No. The very reason we organize ourselves into a group called civic government is to help one another in unconditional service regardless of circumstance. Most importantly this is where we step into the other’s shoes before we can judge.
Mary Zanger: No, because mutual respect and understanding can be conveyed via a flyer written to the attention of motorcyclists and be placed in bars, restaurants and motels.  Motorcycle riders must respect the secular and sacred historical significance of this area. The flyer can request that each motorcycle be parked three to four cycles inside each car parking space. While cycle speeding and noise is loud enough to awaken those resting in the burial grounds it offends those of the living. Rudeness, intoxication, and combativeness will not be tolerated. The townspeople welcome you but require manners, culture, and respect in return. 
Ruth Erickson: There are already laws and regulations addressing noise, parking, speeding and DUIs, but one deputy sheriff can’t possibly enforce these all alone! Perhaps a few warning signs strategically placed need to be posted, “Welcome to our historic city. Please be considerate of the local community. Loud noise, speeding, driving under the influence and illegal parking will not be tolerated.” This will not necessarily take care of the problems, but hopefully will make people think before breaking the law. A part-time second deputy would also be of great benefit.

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