Letter: Claim filer upset about city’s response

This is a case of neglect, accident and responsibility. It’s no secret our city streets are in complete disrepair. Recently, I tripped in a pot hole and fell face down on an asphalt city street, causing injuries, losses and damages. I reported my accident to the city clerk the following day. The clerk saw my injuries, asked the location of the accident and provided me with a claim form to complete. Also, within one and a half days of returning my claim, the city public works went to the location and filled all pot holes and cracks on the street. This act on the city’s part tells me they’ve admitted guilt, culpability and responsibility for their negligence.
Upon returning my completed claim, I was told council policy is to deny and defer all liability claims to their insurance carrier. The next day, I received a letter from the insurance carrier telling me they would advise me of the city’s decision. What? It’s the responsibility of the insurance to review and discuss amicably with the victim the claim and come to a settlement resolution that will make the victim whole. Instead, the city as well as their insurance carrier are ignoring the situation and playing hardball with the victim and treating her as though she were a liar and criminal. I’m a senior on a fixed income and can ill-afford my losses. As well, I shouldn’t have to.
Remember this all started with the city negligence. Our city, as well as their insurance carrier, have not one ounce of integrity.
Noreen Martin, Hollister

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