Crucial approvals could unlock jail expansion

Inmates at the county jail try to find places to sit and eat their dinner in the ever-more crowed jail.

San Benito County officials Tuesday are set to consider taking the next steps necessary to move ahead on the jail expansion scheduled for completion in 2017.
Supervisors are set to meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the County Administration Building, 481 Fourth St.
Supervisors will consider various contract documents mandated by the state in order to obtain funds through lease-revenue bonds such as those pertaining to a ground lease, right of entry, easements, a facility sublease and the construction agreement.
The state is funding a $15 million jail expansion at the existing Flynn Road jail location.
The existing jail built in 1992 at 710 Flynn Road is 28,000 square feet and is supposed to house a total of 142 inmates, though it can exceed that number. The expansion would include a separate wing built on 21 acres next to the existing jail. It would have two pods, dorm-style areas with 12 beds each, a total of 72 beds and 24,000 square feet of space.

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