Readers invited to answer ‘Question of the Week’

Question of the Week

Starting today, the Free Lance is inviting readers to answer the Question of the Week—formerly called Water Cooler—which publishes each Friday on the Free Lance Opinion page and at
The newspaper will pose a locally topical question each weekend prior to the following Friday edition. Answers are due by 9 a.m. Wednesdays. Please keep responses brief with a goal of 50 or fewer words. The Free Lance will try to publish all of the relevant, respectful answers in print—space permitting—and will also publish them online.
Responders must include a name and city or county of residence. Readers can answer the questions in the comment section below, on our Facebook page, or by emailing [email protected] with a subject heading Question of the Week.
Below is the question of the week for next Friday’s edition:

Hollister spent $4,000 toward the painting of five utility boxes in downtown. Should the city spend tax dollars on public art projects?

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