Chief: Hollister rally remains light on crime

Bikers ride through downtown Hollister on Saturday for the Hollister Freedom Rally.

Hollister Police Chief David Westrick late Saturday afternoon said there hadn’t been any serious issues with crime on the second day of the Hollister Freedom Rally.
Westrick told the Free Lance the environment of the rally so far at that point—as of about 3:30 p.m. Saturday—reminded him of Hollister motorcycle rallies of the 1990s and early 2000s.
He said so far it had been “pretty nice.”
“We’ve had nothing so far that’s even newsworthy,” he said.
The chief said there had been “typical” issues during the event such as a “little overdrinking” and a couple of driving under the influence arrests the night before.
Westrick earlier Saturday reported a relatively safe opening day as well. Sunday is the final day of the Hollister Freedom Rally.
On Sunday of last year’s event, there was a shooting at the Chevron gas station entering Hollister at the Highway 25 bypass intersection with San Felipe Road. It was one reason, along with the deadly May biker-club shootings in Waco, Texas, why law enforcement officials are taking extra precaution this year.

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