Hospital auxiliary awards $28,500 in scholarships

Scholarship winners are shown with committee members.

The Hazel Hawkins Hospitals Auxiliary raises money each year to provide scholarships for students in health-related fields. Over a span of 60 years, the auxiliary has awarded $382,420 in scholarships. This year, it awarded $28,500 to 25 recipients who are students studying in various medical fields. The scholarship committee consists of Pam McHam, Arlene Jenkins, Donna Ketchum, Irene Maggini, Donna Sander and Jackie Shearer.
Front row left to right are Auxiliary President Pam McHam, Irene Maggini, Jackie Shearer and Donna Ketchum. In the middle row left to right are: Kristen Garcia, Ashley Jimenez, Rebecca Jones, Brenna Carrillo-Zazueta, Kruthi Battar, Daniela Magana-Ruiz, Silvia Madera. In the back row left to right are: Elaine Estrada, Rayanne Martin, Megan Haugland, Morelia Munoz Melissa Lorena-Gonzalez and Gupreet Mann. Not pictured are Clarissa Aguirre-Luna, Alexa Anastasi, Reyvan Avila-Lazaro, Estavan Campos, Michelle Chatley, Adrian Galindo, Giselle Gutierrez, Taralyn Gutierrez, Samantha Johnson, Rachel Logue, An Nghiem and Kristi Matthews.

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