County Express adds second morning route to Gavilan

This was a route from Gavilan College.

County Express is getting set to add a second morning route to Gavilan College due to growing demand.
The route will go directly to Gavilan College from two stops in Hollister—at the Veterans Memorial Park stop and another at Fourth and San Benito streets, according to an announcement from the public transit agency.
Currently, there is one route that goes from Hollister to San Juan Bautista—at Abbe Park—and then continues to Gavilan. With that route often ending up crowded with standing-room-only ridership, County Express pursued the second route, said Veronica Lezama, a transportation planner for public transit.
The new route won’t replace the old one and will just add to it, she said.
“We had a lot of students taking the bus at that time,” Lezama said.
Lezama noted that County Express had 6,827 Gavilan College passengers last fiscal year, 2014-15, and is projecting an annual increase of 15.54 percent to 7,880 passengers this fiscal year.
She was working Friday to put a new schedule on the agency’s Facebook page.
To view the new Gavilan College Express schedule, go to or call (831) 636-4161.

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