Letter: Reflections on family history

Right after my grandmother passed away in 1965, my cousin who lived in the flat above my grandmother telephoned me to tell me that she found a paper in grandma’s trunk in the attic, with names, birth dates and villages that were in Czechoslovakia and to ask would I be interested in it. I said yes and she mailed the paper to me. That paper sat in my drawer until I retired and then I started to do my family genealogy. My daughter emailed me one day and told me that she found a genealogist outside of Prague. I emailed him and asked him to do my four lines for me. I emailed him what my cousin sent to me and he said that he lived about 30 minutes away from these villages and that I gave him more information than most people do.
Within a year, he had done all my relatives that he could from the villages in Czechoslovakia. Through my father’s line, he went back to 1591.
In 2014, my wife and I took our two daughters to Czechoslovakia to visit the places where my ancestors lived. David, our genealogist, took us to visit the houses in Vejvanov where they lived and other villages as well as the churches where they got married. My ancestors were the fourth family to settle in Vejvanov and the house still stands and we even met an ancestor who tied in with me in 1675. He was 83 years old and had his wife, son and grandchildren to visit with us. 
Kenneth Kovanda, Hollister

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