Hollister, San Juan reconsider term length on fire deal

Firefighters address the blaze in San Juan Bautista in July.

Hollister and San Juan Bautista had considered executing a one-year extension on the cities’ fire-services deal, but now it looks like they might head toward a three-year contract.
Hollister council members Monday discussed the fire deal, but were not intending to take action, during a special meeting.
They did disclose how San Juan Bautista officials at last week’s meeting tabled the fire contract and expressed interest in changing details of the agreement, including the term length. It came after the Hollister council had approved a one-year deal with San Juan and a three-year agreement with the county, which OK’d its end of the agreement.
The proposed deal with San Juan is retroactive to Oct. 1 and would cost the Mission City $159,000, according to a Hollister council agenda report.
San Juan Bautista City Manager Roger Grimsley could not be reached immediately Tuesday morning.

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