Guest View: Launch local ‘People Committee’

Let’s minimize the hospital visits and get our community healthy. We should have workshops and programs for the people to get help and get healthy. We need to help the people. Health is one of the most important things in our lives. Getting fit and eating right. I have been getting fit and healthy for a few years now and it really has changed my life. I want the people of my community and especially the kids to be able to learn and get the proper knowledge on what they are putting into their bodies. What are we eating and feeding our children; we don’t know what’s in McDonald’s, and all these fast food restaurants. There should be classes to teach the kids and the adults. It should also be free to the community. I am here to plan for the future and help. We can put notices in the city and county water bill of when the class will take place, and send flyers home with students from school. There are many ways to go about it and it’s something that will really help out our community.
The year 2016 should be one to help and care for our community. We can reduce the police, ambulance and firefighter calls by placing this strategic plan in place immediately. We have the tools to do this, so what are we waiting for? I am not a physician, but I do care about the people and saving their lives. You can read a letter of recommendation on my Facebook page from a physician. He has seen my drastic change. I can only share the steps I took to shed the pounds. I lost 85 pounds. I am more than happy to help and share my routine to lose weight. It’s a process, but you will benefit and it will make you feel better, and raise your self-esteem. Summer is coming, and the bikinis are already being sold in the stores. The only harsh part is having to buy new clothes from dropping so many sizes. Maybe there could be a fund to help the people that take the class or program and cannot afford new clothes. It’s good, but I know it is costly. I have helped a few people. So if anyone wants help please feel free to contact me. I have been successful and have managed to keep the weight off for two years now. ([email protected])
We should start a volunteer People’s Committee, to provide solutions and ideas to help the people of the community, from the people of the community. I have mentioned it before to the city and county, but still, there has not been any word on it taking place. They say yes it sounds good, but nothing is put into action. There is already a selection of people that they have that they choose, their own circle. It is time to break that circle and get things done, the right way for the community. Health is serious and the people deserve it.
Keith Snow is a Hollister resident.

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