Question of the Week Answers: Funding San Juan security


Panelists and readers answered the following: With a string of recent burglaries in San Juan Bautista, should the sheriff’s office, which contracts with the Mission City for 44 hours per week, spend more time there at the county’s expense?
Nants Foley: During which 44 hours in the week do the robberies occur? Just kidding. But seriously, we have a shortage of public safety in this county. Existing personnel are incredible, but this is just one of the areas where our needs exceed our budget.
Keith Snow: I feel that San Juan Bautista should pay for its own officers to patrol for public safety due to the fact that they have their own city manager, mayor and council. They’ve had this problem before in the past and they managed to solve it so I’m sure they can solve this problem again and San Benito County Should not pay for this matter.
Ruth Erickson: It is the job of the county sheriff’s department to keep the residents and businesses of this county safe. The 44 hours should include an unmarked vehicle and plain-clothed deputies to patrol during the times most of the burglaries have occurred. The county needs to put in a few more hours to give increased security and peace of mind to the community. Perhaps there are grants for burglar alarms or for security for small cities that can be applied for. How about a Go Fund Me account to raise funds for San Juan’s security?
Mike Paddy: Deputies 24/7 and a substation. The same taxes paid to county by those in SJB should equal same services provided to rest of county.
David Neiggermann: There should be a deputy there 24/7, 44 hours a week just not enough coverage.

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