Investigators believe homicide victim was killed in county

SBC sheriff's office

A sheriff’s official Wednesday confirmed that investigators believe a homicide victim was killed in San Benito County before his body showed up along an embankment near San Juan Bautista.
The sheriff’s office is investigating a suspected homicide after finding a male body over an embankment and a baseball bat in a rural area southwest of San Juan Bautista.
The sheriff’s office is investigating the suspected homicide in the 3200 block of the Salinas Grade/San Juan Grade Road, according to Capt. Eric Taylor of the San Benito County Sheriff office. The area of the body’s discovery was southwest of San Juan Bautista and east of Highway 101 in the county.
Taylor estimated a week ago today that the death had occurred in the prior 24 to 48 hours. He also said investigators found a baseball bat on the scene.
“They may be related,” he said at the time.
When asked for an update today before press deadline, Taylor replied that investigators have identified the victim but have yet to notify next of kin, as required before an I.D. release.
“It does appear he was murdered in our county, near the location he was found. He was violently attacked and sustained major lacerations and puncture wounds. Once we have determined if he has family in the United States, and once we determine whether or not they can be contacted for notification, I will get back to you.”

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