San Juan man suspected of arming himself in apartment

March Cecena

The county sheriff’s office arrested a San Juan Bautista man Tuesday night on suspicion of barricading himself in an apartment while reportedly shooting arrows from a bow out a window, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.
Deputies arrested Marco Cecena, 57, and booked him at the San Benito County Jail on recommended charges of falsely reporting an emergency, harassing emergency responders and obstructing officers.
According to the statement from the sheriff’s office:
At about 10:10 p.m. Tuesday, the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office responded to 57 Muckelemi St. in the City of San Juan Bautista, due to a barricaded subject reportedly armed with a bow, arrows, and a baseball bat. It was reported that Cecena had been shooting arrows from his apartment. When deputies arrived, Cecena stated he intended to kill them and others. He was damaging his residence and threatening neighbors. Neighbors in the immediate vicinity were evacuated.
Two Hostage Negotiators from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Hostage arrived to assist. Cecena then called 911 and reported there was an injured and badly bleeding female in the residence with him. The Monterey County Sheriff’s SWAT Team responded and negotiations continued. Hearing what sounded like a woman crying, and approximately three hours of attempted negotiations, deputies forced entry into the residence. Cecena fought briefly and was taken into custody with only minor injuries. No female was discovered. Multiple knives and a hammer were secured. The bow/arrows were toys.
After a medical clearance, Cecena was booked into the San Benito County Jail.

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