Guest View: Cleaning up the city’s problems

My name’s Keith Snow. People of the community are outraged at the things going in in our city. They just want to know, is the taxpayers’ money going in the right direction, and where is it going? There is a lot of distrust in our city and county.
We partner with the county and we lose out in the long run. Even with the school district. I have written about it before, to point out what major changes need to be made in our city. Just like the 911 dispatch that we are paying $790,000 a year for. That’s a bit much seeing as we are paying someone else to do it Santa Cruz/Monterey County. We are still paying for the solar treatment plant, spending $10 million dollars in 2010. By Mr. Gomez is now promoted to vice mayor. The CalCard purchases are ridiculous and outrageous. Why can’t we do our own parks? There are so many wasteful mistakes that are being done. I also talked with Fire Chief Bob Martin Del Campo, about the deal that they are making with the county, and how we will not benefit by doing the work for them. The county will be making $6 million a year when the solar project is over in Tres Pinos. Just like tiny homes, it just wasn’t a good concept. We need to start looking at the big picture. We are being disguised as great things are being done in our city that will benefit everyone. But that is not the case. Stop making excuses, step up and be honest.
Also, I don’t appreciate the mayor saying at the meeting on Jan. 19 and in the newspaper on Jan. 22 that it was false accusations when I said he had political gain while having his business open during the rally. He said, he did not make $20,000 dollars or more during the rally. Are there any numbers we the public can see, how much was actually generated? As mayor of the city, he should be open and honest with the public. If he didn’t have any type of political gain then why did he say it hit a nerve? I just want things to be run fairly. So now this year he will not have his business open and will not make any money off of it that we don’t know.
In the future, get ready for two buyouts that we will have to do. A $3 million cleanup at the cannery, and other bad contracts that have been made, like the food bank deal, and how it was robbed and never solved. Just like the arson in our city.
Keith Snow, Hollister

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