San Benito County’s public health officer resigns

Dr. Anju Goel presents a certificate to Jim Gibson, second from left and owner of Hollister Super, on Tuesday at the Third Street store. Mayor Ignacio Velazquez attended and lauded the store and public health department for the effort.

Dr. Anju Goel resigned from her position as public health officer for San Benito County and finished her last day of employment this week, according to a top administrator.
“She just resigned for her own personal reasons,” said James Rydingsword, the county’s director of health and human services.
Goel’s last day of employment with the county was March 3, Rydingsword said. He did not recall the day she announced her resignation, he said.
The former health officer’s Linkedin account still showed Goel in that position, a job she posted as holding for one year and nine months from “July 2014 to present.”
Rydingsword expected the job to be posted online Monday. The agency uses NEOGOV to advertise available jobs, he explained. According to NEOGOV’s website, the company provides the public sector with applicant-tracking software that lets agencies post jobs to their websites and accept online applications.
Requirements for the position include three years of supervisory public health medical experience or a master’s degree in public health with at least one year of public health medical experience. The salary for the job is $86 an hour, according to the posting.
Dr. Ira Lubel will be the interim public health officer while the county is in the process of finding a permanent person for the role, Rydingsword explained by email.
“We are searching for someone and we encourage people to contact us if there was an interest,” he told the Free Lance. “And we would particularly like to see if we can recruit a local physician.”

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