Question of the Week Answers: Limited San Justo recreation?

Kelley Aubushon shows some shells she picked up off the shore surface.

Bill Mifsud: Yes. This is a win-win for San Benito County. Great open space to jog, walk and fish. As a taxpayer I would like to see it open so we can enjoy the best of San Benito County.
Nants Foley: For eight years, the San Justo Reservoir has served as nothing but a breeding ground for the mussels and water storage. I see no reason not to open it to hikers and horseback riders. Boats? I would hate to spread our disease.
Ann Ross No. The federal government and state of California say it’s not OK to be there. Our elected officials are expected to and need to follow the law.
Cesar Flores: Yes! San Justo Reservoir would provide an excellent recreational opportunity for all of the county residents, especially our youth.
Keith Snow: After reading the article, I myself would not even want to fish in that reservoir. The damage they can cause as far as the pipe system and latching on to boats. I don’t think it is safe for people to be in the reservoir. I understand it’s a longtime tradition for the community, but do we really want to risk any more problems or make the situation worse, and especially do we want any people getting sick or anything like that? But, no matter what, the city and county will do what they want anyways. So we will see how this goes.
Ruth Erickson: Yes. Many people have missed recreational fishing for all the years the reservoir has been closed. If small boats for fishing (not water skiing) were available for rent at the facility, the county could have a small income to pay for the part-time worker to oversee the venue.

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