Guest View: We need tax avoidance, not rate hikes

I just want to talk about the tax hike. I feel it’s unfair to keep raising taxes whenever they please.
We need tax avoidance. Stop manipulating the people and their pockets. It is hard enough for people to pay for their bills and even prescriptions, along with putting food on their table, gas to get to work, God willing they have a job at times like these and especially the farm pickers who sacrifice their health picking food in ridiculous weather conditions. The city officials should know and be aware that the average person is barely making ends meet.
At a recent Hollister City Council meeting on it, I did not hear any numbers on how much they paid for the sludge cleanup for the factory. I asked and didn’t receive an answer, but I’m sure if someone else were to ask they would quickly respond. I graduated. I went to college and believe me, I am not a stupid man. I know about government and I know what I can do. I do not need to spend $50,000 for a website on tourism. I did my own website for free with It is very functional and works perfectly. I just feel the city and county spend large amounts of money on items that can be done for a lot less. Some things I understand. But, a majority of the items are a bit ridiculous. Just like the figures for widening the highway. They’re saying it’s going to take $200 million to $400 million. I know construction, and I know the cost. I’ve worked in construction and know a lot of businesses and it is not that much. I think they need to reevaluate that estimate.
I am very grateful and thankful for the people who believe in me and see where I am coming from. It makes me wonder when the city officials at meetings are always laughing and not taking things seriously. This is no laughing matter. Is running a proper, honest and loyal city government a joke to any of you? It definitely is not to me. We need to get down to business and get things in order.
Coming up here, the mayor’s seat is coming up, and yes I will be running again. Two of the city council members seats will be up, and a few board of supervisors as well. So make sure you go and apply coming up in June and July, I believe in the people and encourage anyone. If you set your mind to it, you can do it. If I was in charge, there would be a lot of changes and our city would be cleaned up within four years. There are some improvements, but I honestly feel we can do better. I would definitely reduce spending, by spending wisely and shopping around and getting the best quality deals for the buck. I would bring lots of job creation, and create revenue the right way. I would coordinate our city and make sure things our done effectively and will not waste the taxpayers’ money. I will never lie to the people. It would be and open and honest city government. Vote NO on any tax measures.
Keith Snow is a Hollister resident and is running for mayor in November.

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