Pinnacles Peek: Rangers trek to park from afar

The two Pinnacles rangers formed a special bond.

Rangers come to Pinnacles from all corners of the United States. They all share the same love for nature and the enthusiasm to communicate the message of modern stewardship to the American people. For some people it is a lonely road while working seasons from park to park. But when one arrives to the tenderness of wilderness to work with like-minded people, all negativity that was behind is forgotten.
Two examples are rangers named Amy and Nichole. They both had the opportunity to work at Pinnacles National Park during this spring season, which is when the park is visited more frequently. These two enthusiastic rangers became friends immediately, and as they got deeper in conversation they realized how their life experiences had a similar trajectory.
Nichole came from Florida but after living in Seattle for a while she started to call it home. Amy came from Seattle as well, but the rainy weather is not the only thing that brought them together; their background in the education field brought them to Pinnacles National Park for an internship that would change their lives.
Sure enough, this strange encounter that started as an internship assignment turned into an inseparable friendship, as they complemented each other in many aspects. Both of them agreed during the interview that Amy is more organized and Nichole is more creative, and when it comes down to creating programs for our visitors, all these traits translate into a well-oiled machine that outputs knowledge and productivity.
Paul Travis, the current interpretation and education lead ranger, also known as PT, expressed his admiration for their work as he pointed out that they have made significant progress in articulating comprehensive ranger-led programs for visitors. Some of their highlights include the mid-hike activities that are mixed with team-building exercises that maintain the enthusiasm going during the hikes.
Pinnacles National Park is delighted to have such talented personnel and hopes that someday they can find their way back to Pinnacles as rangers or visitors. As every good story comes to an end, Amy was recently offered a job at Mount St. Helen’s with the U.S. Forest Service, and Nichole naturally followed her path back to Seattle.
Nichole and Amy plan to stay in touch in Washington. Hopes of future adventures abroad and at home are in their plans. They will continue their path of success, leaving their legacy of friendship, work and knowledge wherever they go. Volunteering, working and visiting the the National Park Service lands promises the chance to make lasting memories and great connections with people and place.
Pinnacles Peek is a monthly feature comprised of content provided by Pinnacles National Park as a partnership with the Free Lance.

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