Guest View: Expand options for Gavilan College

Some trustees are shown in 2010 when Gavilan left the Hollister airport.

The benefits of recording school board meetings are minor compared to the value of what can be achieved by actually attending meetings and voicing your opinion to the school board members who need to hear from you before they act on matters. Listening to the recording is listening to ancient history; the school board has already made a decision. You will hear the school board talk, but they will not hear you.
Three Blind mice could be our Gavilan College trustees representing San Benito County. See how they run. They all ran after the Fairview corner site. But that location appears quite futuristic as it requires a large enrollment and is distant from town making transportation an issue. Whereas the current needs of our students have been overlooked, under supplied and over demanded with no satisfaction.
Our blind trustees need to exchange those blackened glasses for others with clear lenses and sharp focus. And why are there only two choices? Besides Leatherback or Fairview why not a third choice, which would be a compromise? Now that we enjoy a beautiful new courthouse spacious enough for three juries and courts, we still own the old courthouse. Currently it appears to be a shell of its former self with only three remaining offices for the: Elections, Assessor, and Tax Collector. However, this building is sturdy, spacious, well built and architecturally sound.
I can see this building becoming just right for college classes. Closeby stands the parking garage. Just across the street beckons a mirage of landscaped space with trees, benches and walkways. Just staring at this inviting area reminds me of a college quad. Uniting this outdoor gem and what could be classrooms is a connector tunnel. Of course, the tunnel must undergo immaculate cleaning. The tunnel walls beg to be covered with creative colorful murals.
With proper courage, vision and political will the old court house could satisfy the immediate educational needs of our students, require minimum investment, utilize infill spaces, and help vitalize downtown.
We voters will see how our trustees will run at the next election.

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