Notorious Hollister murderer denied parole

District Attorney Candice Hooper is seen in 2009 during a preliminary hearing in a case against a mother suspected of killing her young child.

Notorious Hollister murderer Gustavo Marlow will spend at least another 15 years behind bars following a parole hearing Thursday.
Hollister police announced on Twitter that the Jamestown parole hearing resulted in a denial for Marlow, who will have to wait another 15 years before another parole opportunity.
Before the Thursday morning proceeding, the San Benito County District Attorney’s Office had been $25,000 in non-budgeted funding to prepare for the parole hearing of the local murderer. It went toward preparing victim/witness interviews, statements and findings—along with travel and other incidental expenses—for the hearing.
Marlow was convicted for two separate murders at age 17 in 1988 and a rape/assault three years later. Since his sentence is over on the rape conviction, he is eligible for parole on the homicide cases due to a new state law opening up such eligibility for crimes committed in youth.
Marlow went before the Jamestown parole board in a hearing to determine whether to grant him freedom after the 1988 killings of 21-year-old Martha Delarosa and 16-year-old Lisa Koehler.
Marlow was captured after a period of 18 months in the Hollister area involving an ongoing series of stalking, assault and rape incidents that authorities later linked to Marlow as a suspect. After his arrest for the two homicides and a long case duration, due to the district attorney’s groundbreaking use at the time of DNA evidence, Marlow had been in the California Youth Authority system for three years when he escaped and then raped and assaulted a 32-year-old laundry worker on his way out.
He initially received a total sentence of 66 years to life in prison.

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