Community Board: Chambless has airport flying sky high

A private jet taxi’s in to the airport. File photo by Nick Lovejoy

Mike Chambless wears a lot of hats for the city. In his role as airport director, Chambless has been a shining star while overseeing several important projects.
Chambless has been at the helm for a transformation of sorts for the Hollister Municipal Airport over the past few years. As airport director, there have been several important changes—such as the air show, improvements to the drainage system, a monumentally rare through-the-fence approval from the feds, and the most recent $9 million runway upgrades closing the facility for a couple more weeks—which could help improve the airport and its impact on the local culture and economy.
Through all the changes, largely aided by Congressman Sam Farr on the federal side, Chambless has been there locally making sure the projects get done and city officials are informed on progress.
Chambless has overseen a wide variety of activities in his department head roles with the city, such as code enforcement, recreation, parks and public works. Those are departments that historically garner a lot of attention, and complaints, from the public in just about any community. Chambless, needless to say, has juggled all those responsibilities well and particularly excels as airport director.
His airport leadership and dedication could help the city’s overall economy in the long run, too, telling how his stability and solid management have paved the way for so much progress in recent years.

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