Guest View: Reader takes exception on dog park piece

Cathie Turner of Los Angeles shows Madison duirng the golden retriever portion of a dog show at Bolado Park.

This is in response to the “City places dogs before humans with local parks” article that appeared in the March 18 Free Lance. The article was noted to be submitted by the Community Insight Board, which claims to be an independent panel of volunteers.
Are we reduced to claiming what is the “nice side of town” and the “people of the west side?” This was the wording pointed out in the article. Are we reduced to this side of the town has more dog parks than the other? Ridiculous. Why are people looking to the city or county (anywhere in our community) to help clean up our neighborhoods and parks? Where are the people of the community, whether on the “nice side of town” or the “west side” to help clean up our neighborhoods?
Whether you live on one side of town or the other, it is also the community’s responsibility to keep the parks clean and accessible—for people and/or animals. Grab a rake. Grab a broom. Don’t rely on the city or county all the time. There are things that we can all do ourselves, no matter where we live. Taxpayers deserve to get benefits for their contributions. Taxpayers deserve to get their money’s worth no matter where they live. Are we reduced to whining about dog parks? If this is the case, it is my turn to whine:
* The free cell phones (with unlimited calls, texts and data) available to those who already receive free food, free medical and other government assistance paid by the taxpayers. I cannot receive one of these free phones because I make too much money and I receive no government handouts. I have to pay my own cell phone bill without any help. Is that fair?
* It is my turn to whine about people who get picked up every night and driven to a location for free food, a place to stay, have their laundry done and shower—only to be driven back in the morning to do it all over again. I have to make my own monthly house payments and pay bills. Is this fair?
* It is my turn to whine about people receiving government assistance and free food who drive a better vehicle than mine, who have the fancy wheels, the “bumping” radios, the fancy jewelry (nails and hair) and the government-assisted housing. Is this fair?
* It is my turn to whine about those who receive free or reduced meals at the local schools (taxpayer funded) while I have to pay full price (double the cost) once again because I made too much money. I can only assume these students’ families are already receiving food donations and assistance, so why can’t they use the handouts for their lunches to bring to school? Is this fair?
There is no injustice as noted in the dog park article. I believe there is not one part of town that has a greater need than the other, according to the March 18, 2016 article. There is a fresh new dog park on the north side of town (by the airport) with a new kids’ play structure and benches, that is available to everyone! After driving by the different dog parks in our community, I did not see a sign saying that you had to show any proof of residency to enter.
Those who pay their taxes, no matter where they live, deserve the benefits, too.

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