Guest View: Intersections can be life or death situations

There was no April fools going on. It was no joke when an older man was speeding down Sunnyslope one morning and rear-ended my vehicle, causing it to spin and end up on the opposite side of the road, totaling it. My car is a material thing, but LIFE is not. Life is precious; we cannot take that for granted. I have been saying this over and over; too many cars are speeding down Sunnyslope and cross streets. There is no traffic control in this area, and this is not the first accident. We need to do something about this. My niece is traumatized and is in very much pain after this unfortunate accident that took place.
I want to thank the woman, Susan, who came out from her home when witnessing the accident and helped my niece; she put a neck brace on her and sat with her until the ambulance came. Thank you, God, that everyone is alive. We need more people like her in our community. I am so thankful for her. Also, thank you for the police officers who did a great job taking care of the situation and Officer Torres, the EMTs and fire department for responding very quickly. But, we still need a stop sign or something to control the speeding in this area. It is out of control; a car drove through the scene of the accident and the police officers were on top of it. That vehicle should have never driven through the accident.
Even when I was going to church on Easter Sunday, the cars were flying down Fairview, and even Highway 25. The Officers city and county should be doing radar to help the situation and also create revenue. I hope to see something happen soon, before something worse happens. We need better public safety. I want to send my condolences out again to the little boy and his family that was hit on his bike just a few months back. With better traffic control we can prevent things like this.
Thank you again for all the emails and feedback, we need to keep good communication between the people and the public servants. They should put flyers or add to the water bill when there are any workshops going on, or events between city and county. Thank you.

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