Letter: New businesses are a burden

Why should I vote for a supervisor who favors business? New business does not pay its way. We taxpayers pick up the bill. Here is why:
Incentives are often used to “bait the hook” to attract business to settle here in San Benito County. Incentives can be in the form of subsidies or gifts or tax breaks. Or this “bait” could be in direct reduction of fees like impact fees.
That is one bill we foot. Here is another. Naturally businesses use a lot of our precious water. Whether it comes from Sunnyslope Water District, city water and/or wells sunk into the aquifer is all the same, which is communal water. That leads to where the water goes. Once used, it flows into our sewer system. Because of growth the city has built a new sewer plant for which we taxpayers pay.
Sunnyslope rate payers have built a new Lesssalt plant to accommodate growth. Remember who is paying the bill. Where Sunnyslope Road meets Fairview Road, sparkling new intersection lights have been installed to control Fairview traffic in four directions. Newly blacktopped and widened roadway emphasizes the improvements. Remember who pays.
New businesses may need housing for employees. Employees may need schools for employee children. We need supervisors whose priority is good schools and good teachers for all children because we pay for good schools.
New businesses and their employees use our roads for which we taxpayers pay for good maintenance. Well kept roadways will always be high priority.
Please realize that new growth does not pay its way. That is why I favor a supervisor who cares about the whole district and the whole county including the homeless.
Remember the #1 priority of business is PROFIT not PEOPLE! County issues remain the other way around or People over profit.
Mary Zanger, Hollister

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