Letter: Horrified by consultant’s role

I was horrified to read the grim news that our public officials, AKA public servants, hired consultants to “polish their image.” This revelation affected me as if I drove by an accident and noticed the red ooze from the door frame and the crunched metal of the vehicle. With this shameful printed disclosure the red ooze becomes precious taxpayer funds dripping on the wreck of our democracy. This special hiring could be misinterpreted as a cover-up for misdeeds or neglect.
Taxpayers desire a well-run city and county by those at the helm. It becomes shameful to think that funds which could have been used to repair and maintain roads were diverted to the self promotion of officials. An egotistical move such as this easily becomes the forked tongue of propaganda.
The best legacy for elected officials remains their devotion to the common good proven by conscientiously fulfilling their duties to the best of their ability.
Mary Zanger, Hollister

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