Guest View: Mayoral candidate shares views on road tax

Highway 25 at San Felipe Road

The county chamber of commerce had a $20 a plate luncheon and what was said is that 20 people attended. So that was $400 that they made. It’s all about making money on Measure P. It seems like the whole city and county is just about money. They act like they absolutely need this measure to pass or it’s like the world is coming to an end if it doesn’t. No it’s not.
I asked one of the county supervisors what are they going to do with the money, and he said, “We need to fix our roads; they are deteriorating.” And widen 25. When I talked to Caltrans’ worker Nick, He said they own Highway 25, not the city or county. It belongs to the state of California. So why are they so worried about it? Also he mentioned that they will be doing four lanes on 156.
I feel it is another political tactic to get an assessment tax. They want you, the taxpayer, to pay for it. I have been trying to tell the city and county if it floods, which it has been on certain roads, they can file a grant to get money to fix the roads like all the other cities and counties have done all around us. We have to do things right. The city already gets $1 million a year for roads. Who knows how much the county gets? So we will have Measure P, and then in November the city is filing for a tax measure as well. What else are they going to make up? They already pay too much money on consultants. We should do things ourselves and be self-sufficient.
When I have asked in the past where is the Measure T/Measure E money, and they never answer. When you look at warrant registers and Cal Card purchases, you will be amazed at what you see. The people do not have any obligation to vote for any of these measures. A pack of wolves wants your money; do not be fooled. It is obstructing the voters’ rights, making them believe we desperately need this when we don’t. They have spent millions of dollars in the past several years. I oppose all tax measures. Vote No on measure P and the half-cent tax hike in November.

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