Letter: Kudos to council on 400 block

Artists drew on a chalkboard outside The Vault building next to the 400 block of San Benito Street grassy plot encouraging people to support the cause to prevent development there.

Kudos to the Hollister City Council and the SBC Community Foundation for supporting and voting to sell the 400 block of San Benito Street for multiuse development. This is the kind of vision that we need in Hollister, to grow our community. But we can’t stop there! Kollin Kosmicki’s last week’s column on “Create new pedestrian square on San Benito” is right on as well!
This has to happen to develop a vibrant downtown scene. Beyond this we need to relocate the canning industry outside of town to further develop that area and urge Union Pacific to improve the rail line to Gilroy to prepare for rail transit and interconnection with CalTrain. The increased housing developments that are ongoing in our area demand that improvement with transportation for commuters be made! We need to act now!
John Ucovich, Hollister

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