HSD superintendent contract includes perks

Lisa Andrew is the new superintendant for the Hollister School District. Photo by Nick Lovejoy

Trustees approved a seven-page contract that offers moving expenses, covers the cost of a cell phone and gives other perks to Lisa Andrew, the new superintendent for the Hollister School District.

Fringe benefits detailed in the contract include $2,000 in district money to pay dues for professional organizations, up to $2,500 in moving expenses if the move occurs to a location within district boundaries prior to June 30, 2017; and $100 toward the cost of a mobile phone.

Andrew will start the job July 1, earning a salary of $189,250. The district’s longtime superintendent of nearly six years, Gary McIntire, will retire June 30. He earned a salary of $203,115 in the 2015-16 school year.

Starting July 1, 2017, the superintendent, if she receives a satisfactory evaluation, will receive an annual percentage salary increase based on the average step increase on the certificated teachers’ salary schedule, according to a revised version of the contract, updated from the one posted on the district’s website and handed out at the meeting. Andrew, like McIntire, will also receive a $1,500 yearly stipend for being management personnel with a doctorate degree.

The contract allows the superintendent to participate in district health and welfare plans available to other management employees, at her expense.

The position is not eligible for overtime compensation, according to the agreement. The job will entail working 227 days per year with 20 days of paid vacation plus the same holidays offered to classified employees, according to the contract. No more than 20 days of paid vacation can be carried over from one year to the next, or paid out if the agreement is terminated early, according to the agreement.

The contract can be terminated by mutual consent and the party seeking the change must give at least 60 days notice, according to the agreement. Trustees may terminate the contract if there is a “reasonable cause” for this change, such as a breach of the contract or the employee fails to fulfill responsibilities. Trustees can also terminate the agreement without cause, but would pay the superintendent’s salary for the remainder of the 12-month term.

The contract also specifies that the district will reimburse the superintendent for the actual expenses of in-state conference fees, mileage for travel outside of San Benito, Santa Cruz and Monterey counties at the current Internal Revenue Service rate, air travel and shuttle fares, according to the contract.

The mileage will not cover Andrew’s commute to work from her home in Campbell, explained Board President Elizabeth Martinez in a conversation with the Free Lance on Monday. The district would cover mileage if, for instance, the superintendent had to attend a conference in Sacramento or do anything she would be on the clock for, Martinez explained.

The contract also specified the district would maintain membership in the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, M.A.C.E, the San Benito County Retired Teacher’s Association and the San Benito County Reading Association.

According the contract, the board and the superintendent will hold at least one meeting in May to evaluate their working relationship.

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