Letter: Awestruck by local music at Oriana show

This past May 15, I attended the Oriana Chorale concert right here in Hollister. I admit I have not attended many of these events, but agreed to join a friend for this concert and I am so happy that I did. It was so very special that I have to share my experience.
I wonder how our very small city could gather such beautiful voices, such an amazing director, and a totally professional pianist. Add to that, a wonderful soloist who put her heart and sole into every song. They sang folk songs, jazz standards, gospel, African-American spirituals and Broadway show tunes. Every song was done in perfect harmony and professional fun and laughter.
I was very surprised to see so few in the audience. What a pity! I needed to share how much I enjoyed myself on a quiet Sunday afternoon in Hollister. I even won a gift card for one of our new restaurants. What a day!!! I encourage you to follow this wonderful group of musicians. You’ll be glad you did.
Vivian Taylor, Hollister

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