Letter: Shame we can’t trust officials with money

It’s a shame we can’t trust our supervisors or council to properly manage Measure P funds should the measure pass. They already manage a significant portion of our sales and property taxes. Our form of government gives our elected representatives the responsibility to prioritize the spending of funds for the needs of citizens. In this economic crunch, we’ve all seen required services cut and witnessed salaries and benefits skyrocket. The majority of funds would be spent on salaries and benefits to re-hire the road crews that had been let go.
The measure itself is too high and lasts too long; 30 years, really? It isn’t specific. There are too many projects attached, and subsequently it wouldn’t generate enough funds to complete any of them.
The carrot this measure is dangling is allegedly potholes will be fixed. Not true. You can’t fix a pothole. The city has been doing this for years. You’ve all seen the city crews throw a shovel full of asphalt in a pothole and a week later they’re back at the same pothole doing the same thing. It’s like putting a Band-Aid on cancer or just flushing money down the toilet.
As a retired government employee, I will never vote for a tax increase. Government will never stop floating tax or bond measures until you say no with your vote. They will never have enough money due to poor management.
As all tax increases do, they hurt the poor, seniors and disabled. A no vote on Measure P is the common sense and logical vote.
Noreen Martin, Hollister

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