Road tax yes side raised $41,600 through May 21, records show

A pothole at West and South streets slowed down traffic.

Supporters of a half-cent countywide sales tax to support road improvements raised $41,600 through May 21, according to recently filed records detailing campaign finance activity.
“Repair Our Roads, Yes on Measure P” supporters raised $41,600 through the latest campaign finance filing period, showing such details for the last time before the June 7 election. Those filings were due late last week.
The group spent $40,278 through the same period. It had a cash balance of $3,972, according to records.
No official opposition group was listed in county elections office records.
Broad, public support exists for the measure among government, business and nonprofit leaders. It would generate an estimate of $240 million over 30 years, with half of the funds going toward Highway 25 and the other half toward local road improvements.
As for specific contributions, a large portion came from builders. Graniterock Construction Co. was listed with a $10,000 contribution, with a separate $5,000 contribution listed under Graniterock.

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