Opponent of 400 block development requests ballot vote

A leader of the movement to halt the sale of the 400 block of San Benito Street to a developer asked council members to support a November advisory vote from the public on the issue.
Rolan Resendiz of Hollister spoke at Monday’s council meeting during public comment. He suggested the council consider support of a ballot item on the 400 block matter. He said such an advisory vote would help council members to “make a more informed decision on the future of our downtown.”
Resendiz asked council members to place the consideration for a ballot vote on the next city council meeting’s agenda in July.
“The citizens have been very vocal about not wanting any condos or retail space at that location,” he said.
Hollister council members in early May voted 4-0 to approve going forward on exclusive talks to sell the city’s property in the 400 block of San Benito Street for a multi-use development. It came after dozens of local residents shared their views on both sides of the issue at that same council meeting. Opposition to a development on the city’s open green space at Fourth and San Benito streets mounted days before the meeting, particularly on social media, and hasn’t stopped since then.
Resendiz and other active artists in the community responded last month when they found out the Community Foundation for San Benito County had been “lobbying”—as he put it—to have local residents connected to the organization speak out in support of the multi-use development proposal.
Council members Monday did not respond to the public comments from Resendiz.

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