Farr efforts on airport, Clear Creek progress

Clear Creek Management Area has been closed since 2008. File photo.

Local Congressman Sam Farr has two significant efforts in the works for local residents, as he just announced a new grant for the Hollister Municipal Airport and that legislation to reopen Clear Creek Management Area has passed the House floor.
The Carmel Democrat in two separate announcements detailed the situations. Last week, he announced $231,000 in Federal Aviation Administration funding had been awarded to the airport. It comes after Farr has secured about $9 million in federal grant funding for airport runway renovations.
The latest funds are set to help the city update the airport master plan and improve the airport layout, according to a Farr announcement. Farr’s support has led to plans for a through-the-fence runway at the airport, allowing rare and better access for commercial entities using the facility, which the congressman called “first class” in his newest announcement.
Then on Tuesday, Farr announced his bill to reopen the popular off-road draw Clear Creek, closed since 2008 by the Bureau of Land Management due to asbestos concerns, had passed the House and will head to the Senate for a vote.
Farr, retiring at the end of this year after serving since 1993, introduced the bill in April 2015 after a prior rejection. The bill Tuesday passed by a voice vote, so there were no record of individual tallies, according to govtrack.us.

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