City government to oversee hanging of banners

A banner hangs above San Benito Street while bikers wait at an intersection in this file photo.

Hollister council members passed a resolution Tuesday that makes the city the official hanger of banners over San Benito Street. Previously, there wasn’t an official hanger. At times the City of Hollister would do it, and other times it was done by a private company.

“At one point in time there used to be a company that would hang the banners for people, but that company has since gone out of business,” Deputy City Clerk Christine Black said during the meeting. “Now people are struggling to find someone to put the banners up and they’re asking us to do it. As we looked more at it, it seemed safer for our public works to do it consistently and make sure that there’s safety there on that intersection while the signs are being hung.”

The resolution sets a $150 fee for hanging banners, which covers what it costs the city to do the work. It also institutes a consumer price index increase in order to keep up with inflation as time goes on. Only 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations can apply to hang banners.

Nonprofit organizations interested in hanging a banner over San Benito Street can contact the city clerk’s office and fill out an application.

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