Buying new construction

New developments and new homes are going up fast all over the county. Most builders will recommend that you use their mortgage company, whether it is a subsidiary of the builder or a partnership with a major mortgage banker.

What are the benefits of using the builder’s in-house lender to finance your home? Well, it is simple dollars and math. A builder will offer some incentive to keep you with the in-house lender.  That incentive can be credits toward closing costs, buying down the rate or in the form of home upgrades.

These are attractive options, but don’t forget to watch the rates and fees as well. It’s always a good idea to compare the total package the builder offers with what you might find from another company. My clients often will ask me to compare what the in-house lender is offering to what we can offer. If the dollars and math are right, we will always push them to the deal that is best for their family.

Jayson Stebbins is a 23-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry. He grew up in Morgan Hill and currently lives in Gilroy. He is the local branch manager of Guild Mortgage. You can reach Jayson and his team at (408) 825-0220 or at

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