Field Hockey: It’s good to be King

Railyn King, left, and Corissa King have had strong seasons for San Benito High.

Sisters Corissa and Railyn King have plenty of fond memories together sharing experiences in ice hockey, rodeo and agriculture. As of last year, field hockey was added to that list. San Benito High debuted its field hockey program in 2015, and participation has been high in both years.

Corissa, a senior utility, and Railyn, a sophomore forward, have connected well on the field.
“We can read each other and know exactly where the other is going to be,” Corissa said. “Our passes seem to be connecting a lot.”

Corissa is part of a solid senior class that includes Cassidy Aalgaard, Brittney Kim, Mirzha Betancourt, Kourtney Carmichael, Gabrielle Cross, Sarah LaCasa, Samantha Martinez and Marissa Santiago. Despite a 3-10 overall record entering Wednesday’s game, the Balers have been competitive, losing seven contests by two goals or less.

Railyn is known for being dangerous on breakaways along with the ability to read the field, while Corissa is a strong left-side player and adept at scoring.

Railyn started last season on the junior varsity team but was promoted to the varsity after displaying an ability that belied her youth.

The sisters worked hard in the off-season, honing their stick-handling and ball-control skills.

“We’ve gotten better in the basic stuff like passing and shooting,” Railyn said.

The King sisters scored all of the team’s goals in a 9-3 loss to North Salinas, and Corissa scored both of the Balers’ goals in a 2-0 win over Santa Catalina. Railyn had San Benito’s lone score in a 2-1 loss to Notre Dame-Salinas.

“I think I’ve been playing well,” Railyn said.

When the sisters learned San Benito was starting a field hockey program, they borrowed equipment from their coach so they could immediately start practicing. Corissa and Railyn played ice hockey for several years before they got to high school.

One of their fondest memories came when Railyn made the AAA youth team for the San Jose Junior Sharks during her seventh-grade year.

“They posted the roster on the wall, and Railyn turned to look at my mom and kind of gave the look of, ‘Oh my gosh, I did it,’” Corissa said. “Her eyes got kind of watery. It was a great moment being with her because I knew she was nervous to see if she had made the team or not. I had faith in her she would make it.”

Corissa plans on playing field hockey in college next year, and she already has a plan outlined for her future.

“I’m going to go into farm ranch management with a double major in agricultural communications and agricultural education,” she said.

The sisters have notable athletic bloodlines, as their mom, Cindy Lewis-King, is a former professional in the rodeo events of barrel racing and pole bending, The sisters’ dad, Dean, grew up playing hockey in Canada. Corissa and Railyn said there are similarities in the two sports; however, they miss the physical contact of the ice version.

“Ice hockey is kind of a bigger thrill because you can hit people,” Railyn said. “In field hockey, you can be aggressive but not too aggressive.”

Corissa who was one of the runner-ups for this year’s Miss San Benito Rodeo,
Is a versatile player who has been playing all over the field in recent weeks.

“Wherever coach needs me, I’ll play,” she said.

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