Dispensaries legal, but related regulations need ironing

Regulations related to a recently passed medical cannabis ordinance are expected to go before council members Feb. 6.

City council members passed a medical cannabis ordinance at their Dec. 19 meeting, which went into effect Wednesday, Jan. 18. The ordinance lifted the city’s multi-year ban on medical cannabis facilities within city limits. The ordinance addressed medical facilities, but not adult or recreational use allowed by Proposition 64.

Language in the ordinance caps the number of dispensaries at two facilities, but the number of cultivation and manufacturing permits is unclear yet.

City Attorney Brad Sullivan on Friday told the Free Lance regulations are expected to go before council members Feb. 6.

The upcoming regulations include specific items like applications, operator’s permits and any requirements for use permits, Sullivan said in a previous interview with the Free Lance. No facility applications have been submitted yet, as interested parties need to wait for the specific regulations to be worked out.

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