Panetta on Trump speech: ‘rhetoric echoing his divisive campaign’

Congressman-Elect Jimmy Panetta at the San Benito County Fair in early October.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta on Friday released a statement on President Donald Trump’s inauguration and speech.

Panetta, son of former Congressman and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, was elected to represent the 20th Congressional District in November. He replaced former Congressman Sam Farr, who represented the region for 23 years.

The statement reads:

“Today, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Instead of offering to bring the nation together, his speech was filled with rhetoric echoing his divisive campaign. I respect the office of the presidency, but I understand that the next four years will bring challenges. I stand ready to face those challenges and ready to defend the rights of all my constituents by fighting any harmful policies put forward by the Republican majority in Congress and the Trump Administration. I will not compromise on the core values we hold dear on the Central Coast, but if there are opportunities to work across the aisle, I will look to bring people together to move forward on innovative solutions that best serve our communities and nation.

“I am honored to represent everyone from California’s 20th Congressional District, which includes voters across the political spectrum. As your Congressman, I will always fight for the best interests of the Central Coast and our country.”

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