Wine your manners

TIPSY TIPS Wine tasting is a pleasure to be enjoyed and there is a whole wine culture to be understood.

Don’t wear fragrance. Colognes can interfere with your (or other’s) ability to sense some wine’s delicate notes.

Don’t crowd the bar. The tasting room is not a lounge, but a place for folks to find wines they like and then make a purchase.

Don’t taste wines on an empty stomach. You will soon be tipsier than you would have liked.

Don’t use your phone. Wine tasting is a pleasure you should enjoy without distraction.

Don’t be a prima donna. Have mercy on the tasting room employees.

Do pour out wine in the dump bucket provided. It’s OK to pour out wine if you are trying to pace yourself or that you do not care for.

Do share. If you’re on a budget, it is OK to pay for one tasting and then share your pours with someone.

Do ask to re-visit a wine. Sometimes you want to make sure that you love a certain wine—all you need to do is ask for another taste.

Do call ahead to see if children or pets are welcome.

If you’ve spent a bit of time consuming different wines, it’s common courtesy to purchase a bottle or two.

Do tip your pourer. Although not expected, if you find someone who engages and entertains you with stories and history of the wines, a small monetary acknowledgement is always appreciated.

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